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Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

We have a QC team who tests your ordered products to ensure they work properly before being packed and shipped to you. In addition to the normal quality control, all products have passed in the factory line.

If item becomes defective quality in one year, will be allowed customers to send the unit back to us for repair. Customers should cover the shipping cost when you send it back and even some replacement material price cost incurred during the repair process. We will send back to you when the goods are repaired and checked well, we will pay the shipping cost for you when you send back the goods.

We provide one year quality warrenty for all products purchased from us. If a product does not work, buyers can contact our team of warranty service (EMAIL) .then we will give you the details.

If you want to send back for repair, please do as follows:

1. Please contact us by e-mail: Can you tell us about the problem in detail, and send photos or video even if there is possibile.Il our engineer will give you some ideas to solve in your place.

2. If there is still a problem, and can not be solved there. Then we provide the return address of the guarantee to you.

2. Send the package through the local post office with the tracking number, do not return by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, as it will be in trouble with customs clearance porcelain.

(Please do not return the phones again by DHL / UPS / FEDEX / TNT express service .. .Why China Customs strict with the package which shipped by express, we do not receive the package. Please refer to the service local post or EMS)

3. Marcato your order No.on shipping document, as we have many different departments and have manypackages everyday, remember to write your order number, so that we can know that it is from you.

4. Write down the information and put it in the return package. Including: Full name, detail address, postal code, telephone No ..

5.Pack very well to protect the goods through, otherwise it will be broken after the long time shipping.

5. Please inform us and provide the tracking number if you sent back to us.

Distance Selling (Commerce Clearing Member)

Our company sells only Ecommerce Online and makes use of the Resolution of 5 November 2009, No. 274, by which the tax office has made it clear that, for VAT purposes, the On-line sale of goods delivered by carrier or forwarder (the so-called electronic commerce indirett), follows the same rules provided for selling; therefore, should not be issued invoice (unless it is required by the customer not later than the time of the order) it is no obligation to issue a receipt or sales slip. However, the proceeds of the sales are to be recorded in the register (art. 24, Presidential Decree No. 633/1972). This means that the VAT tax is regularly paid although not present the receipt inside the shipment.



Information on the return

Right of withdrawal in respect of distance selling, if the customer is a consumer has the right to terminate the contract for any reason and without explanation. To exercise this right, the customer must send a notice to that effect within 14 working days from the date of receipt of goods. The notice shall be addressed to, upon notice by email to: SUPERSHOPITALIA.COM The goods must be returned at the expense of the customer within 14 days from the date of communication of intention to withdraw. We will refund the full amount paid (excluding the cost of return shipping which is charged to the customer) after verifying the 'integrity of the goods within 14 days.



Drop-In Orders Ship



What is a Purchase in Drop-ship?

The drop-ship is a way of buying developed innovative e-commerce with which the customer is able to purchase a product directly from the supplier-producer (with a great saving in economic terms) with the aid of an Intermediary.

In substance the customer receives the product (matter) directly from the Supplier-Producer with the help of 'Intermediary (SUPERSHOPITALIA.COM).

All products purchased with the formula of drop-ship on SUPERSHOPITALIA.COM will Billed overs VAT under 'ART. 7 of Presidential Decree 633/72 as the goods are located outside of the Italian State.

Remember that in e-commerce indirectly the invoice must be requested before the order, or at least in the same day, no such indication Asthe the amount of the sale will be recorded in the Daily Consideration and therefore no longer billable.

It specifies that the purchase of products in drop-ship from abroad may incur customs charges (VAT, customs duties and c ..) that can not be calculated in advance Asthe calculated times of times by the competent body.


All products sold by SUPERSHOPITALIA.COM are covered by the guarantee issued by the Manufacturers Individual under the provisions of Law.

Please note that all purchases ARE SHIPPED FROM ABROAD And the warranty is 1 years.

The Customer may request assistance by sending an email to SUPERSHOPITALIA.COM It will provide all the information needed to take advantage of the guarantee, ACCORDING TO THE ITEM PURCHASED

In case you needed out of warranty service, such as accidental breakage of the screen of a cell phone, contact us that we will do estimate the cost to repair.

  For any information on the guarantee and / or assistance please contact us at:



We remind customers that the warranty is intended for manufacturing defects. Not included in the warranty issues data from misuse of the product or damage or natural wear of the product.

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